This service has received funding from the Tasmanian Department of State Growth to establish as a “Regional Employment Transport Trial”.  In the first instance it provides for jobseekers in the Derwent Valley to gain improved access to training and employment opportunities, by carrying those who do not have their own private transport, and/or live a significant distance from a public transport route, and/or need to travel at times when public transport isn’t operating.

A car, van, minibus or bus (depending on passenger numbers) will travel a designated route, collecting passengers from home or identified pick-up points, and carry them to a suitable contact point with public transport that will get them to work, or alternatively take them to their workplace if suitable public transport doesn’t exist.  Others use the service to attend appointments with employment service providers, or to attend training that is directed towards improving their employment opportunities. Trips are scheduled as needed, in response to forward bookings.

In most instances, the service is booked by either an employment services provider or an employer on behalf of those people who need it, and in many cases, the employment services provider will subsidise the cost of the journey for each of its clients.

Our purpose with this pilot is two-fold.  First and foremost, it is to ensure that people in the Derwent Valley are connected to employment and related training opportunities.  Second, we are using the experience to inform longer-term solutions to transport disadvantage, both here in the Derwent Valley and elsewhere in Tasmania.